You should start caring about money


I know, I know, finance is “boring.” It is “not your thing” and you plan to just “hire a money person” to take care of everything for you in the future.

I hear these excuses and more from classmates, friends, and other young professionals I come across daily.

person stacking coins.png

Many of you assume that people with a high-paying job don’t need to worry or learn about money, but that’s wrong. Truth is, most people who make more money just get into more debt.  

If you want to have an amazing career and set yourself up for a great life in the future, you need to start learning a little about money for yourself right now. Yes, RIGHT NOW!

I’m not here to bore you on the ins and out of retirement accounts, loan interest rates, and budgeting, just yet. Right now, my goal is to help you see why learning about money (and how to manage it) is so important.

A great deal of doctors and other young professionals that leave their finances up to someone else, or fail to manage them at all, tend to get burned. They end up losing thousands of dollars in bad investments, getting fooled by ruthless sales-people disguised as financial advisors, or fail to utilize government incentives that could drastically lower their taxes and put more money in their pockets each year. I want to help you avoid that.

Let’s be honest. We’ve all come across those overstressed professionals who work long hours and seem to hate their lives. They constantly complain about their student loans and take their frustrations out on you the second you breathe wrong or forget to read their minds during a surgical procedure. They are miserable and tend to make our lives hell. Don’t let that be you.

One way to avoid that is to start doing a few things now, as a graduate student or young professional, to avoid the stress of that burden as much as possible.

I’m not suggesting that you become some finance guru or start buying investment books we both know you won’t read. I just want to teach you the basics and show you how your life can be exponentially better if you just follow and understand a few basic principles and avoid some common pitfalls.

By making the choice to learn about this “money stuff”…

  1. You will have less debt, and pay off your current debt faster

  2. You will be able to pick a career you actually enjoy instead of just choosing the one that gives you the most money

  3. You will begin to enjoy your work more (your career becomes something you enjoy doing not something you have to do)

  4. You will have the means AND the time to explore your other interests

  5. You will have the freedom to work fewer hours

  6. You can spend more time with your family and friends

  7. You can buy more of the things you want

  8. You can have the vacations you desire and travel as much as you please

  9. You can create a better life for your family and [future] kids

  10. You can give more to charity and make a difference in your community

Now that I’ve got you intrigued, you’re probably wondering where you should begin. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. All you have to do is subscribe below. Are you ready to get started?